About the Knox Italian Community Club

The Knox Italian community club was established in 1988 and was built by the local Italian families living in the Knox community. Its purpose was to provide a place for Italians to gather and socialise with other Italian families who migrated to the area back in the 1950’s.  The Knox area was mainly known for its apple orchards, market gardens and grazing paddocks. Many Brussel sprouts, cabbages and other fruit and vegetables were grown on the land which is now occupied by the Knox Italian Community Club and Waterford Valley golf course.

Our club runs social and cultural activities including bocce, card nights and bingo. We also organise social events such as dinner dances and pensioner luncheons and excursions for our members.

The Knox Italian Community Club welcomes all community members and accepts all new members through an application process. Our club is looking at continuing the community spirit that ignited the foundation of this club into the next generation.

Over the past 30 years, the Knox Italian community club has provided a place for many Italians to socialise throughout the week and weekends and enjoy social events and activities for its 250 members. The club has transformed from a sporting hub to a community centre for its members, many of whom are elderly.

The increasing number of elderly members has required the Knox Italian Community Club to be proactive in continuing its legacy. In honour of the many Italian members who helped to build the very foundations of this club a middle-aged subcommittee known as the Next Generation has stepped up to the challenge of continuing the clubs family centred and community spirit to thrive.

This Next Generation Sub-committee have been involved with the club for over the past 8 years. During this this time, the Next Generation have been very successful in bringing youth and enthusiasm to our club. This has been a tremendous result in keeping the spirt of the club alive and legacy that their parents and grandparents established over 30 years ago.

This is a great honour for the future younger generation in preserving their Italian heritage, culture and family traditions.

KICC Committee

PresidentBill Mazzeo
Vice PresidentDanny Zarro
Joe Furno
SecretaryFilidea Di Bianco
TreasurerDanny Zarro
Bar & Store ManagerFrank Gregorio
Ernesto Catalano
Function ManagerDanny Zarro
MaintenanceBill Mazzeo
Assistant MaintenanceJoe Furno
Stock ControlNadia Mazzone
Kitchen SupervisorAngela Mafia
Kitchen LadiesAnna Caron
Ann Falcone
Website and ITAnnalisa Giustra
Adriana Giustra
OH&S & First AidKirsten Woolsey

Next Generation Sub-Committee

PresidentJoe Furno
SecretaryFilidea Di Bianco
TreasurerKirsten Woolsey
Committee Member Dean Palandri